Today the Law Society finally unveiled its campaign in response to the Ministry of Justice’s consultation on whiplash reforms and raising the small claims limit.

We’ve been waiting just over two weeks for the representative body of solicitors to show how they plan to oppose these plans – in fact, you could argue that they’ve had longer given that these plans have been mooted for over a year now – and I have to say, I’m underwhelmed.

The proposals are one of the biggest threats ever to the profession and to ordinary people’s ability to access justice, so all eyes are on the Law Society to put up a fierce campaign.

Unfortunately, what they’ve released so far does not go anywhere near enough to promoting what is at stake. A poster and some tweets will not influence the government’s plans or galvanise public support.

Maybe today’s campaign launch is a ‘soft launch’ and more will follow next week but with a consultation deadline of January 6th, there really is no time to spare. There needs to be a coordinated campaign involving and supporting members to galvanise public opinion. The future of many Law Society members is at stake and so is our right to access justice.