The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has this week reprimanded solicitor Mark Small for a series of tweets that he sent out on his firm’s Twitter account boasting of its success in defeating claims made by parents whose children have special educational needs (SEN).

The series of tweets sent out one Saturday, moved rapidly from blogs by outraged parents to stories in the legal press to stories in local and educational press and finally, inevitably, to the nationals and broadcasters. Then came the news that at least eight local authorities cancelled or promised to review contracts with the law firm.

The perils of social media are well-documented on the Black Letter blog but this week’s reprimand is a timely reminder that you quickly get called out on social media for any faux pas.

No-one wants an overly-restrictive social media policy that ends up restricting engagement but perhaps deploying some common-sense thinking might help save reputation and clients.

It really is worth taking just two minutes out to think about the angles. Ask yourself what would my sister, or a client think of this? How would the Daily Mail or Legal Cheek report this?

After all, as Mr Small discovered, when you Tweet in haste, you repent at leisure.