Hats off to the quick-thinking PR folk at Haynes Boone for the announcement of their arrival in the UK last week.

I understand that the merger announcement with London shipping boutique Curtis Davis Garrard had been in the planning for quite some time. No-one could blame them for delaying the announcement in light of the post-Brexit mood in London. Yet they were undeterred.

Combining the biggest news story of recent times with some savvy messaging, Haynes Boone successfully hijacked Brexit in a positive way to highlight their own story.

We all know that announcements regarding mergers can be a moving feast. I can only begin to imagine the anguished conversations about making the news public in the current environment but credit to the team at the firm for spotting an angle and running with it. I particularly liked the headline in Legal Business which highlighted the faith the firm has in London, offering some welcome good news at the end of another tumultuous week.