Midlands practice Wright Hassall - often cited as the best-named law firm in the land - has just appointed Sarah Perry as its first female managing partner in a history dating back 170 years.

An interesting question is whether one should even make reference to such a landmark in an era when the reaction is less likely to be 'well done' and more likely to be 'why did it take you so long?' 

My instinct would be not to do so - surely the true mark of progress is where such a move is unremarkable.

I can understand why they did it though - every business in the land wants to show how seriously they take equality and diversity, and a female leader is good evidence of that. 

But where Wright Hassall actually scores well on that front is that the firm openly publishes the diversity profile of its staff. Solicitors Regulation Authority rules mean that all law firms have to collect this data and certainly firms of this size are meant to publish it (anonymity issues make it difficult for small firms).

But in my experience few do, and not all of those that do make it easy to find.

That Wright Hassall does both is a good sign. I'd suggest they provide more context on the website of the firm's approach to equality and diversity more generally, but it is refreshing to see Wright Hassall take this responsibility seriously.