It is no longer enough to say how good you are; you have to prove it. This has made thought leadership the goal of many PR and marketing campaigns.

Today CMS (the group that includes Cameron McKenna over here) has shown how it can be done by launching this new microsite, “Brexit: Broadening the debate”. 

Timed to go live ahead of next week’s EU Summit discussing new terms for Britain’s membership of the EU, its stated aim is to "broaden the Brexit debate and consider the impact beyond the economy and the City". So it is looking at the potential impact on other areas, such as employment, tax, healthcare, energy and education.

As a way to help clients understand the key issues from an impartial standpoint (there isn't much of that in the media, after all), it is a very good idea. 

It could have done with more video content, however. 

The danger with projects like this is that as the initial excitement fades, the updates become increasingly sporadic and users become disenchanted. But given the success of CMS's wider LawNow service, which pumps out a huge amount of content, I would be surprised to see that happen here.